Diary of a bipolar survivor
Diary of a bipolar survivor

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I wish you every success with the publication and launch of your book and I hope it will go some way to helping people understand more about mental illness.

David Cameron (UK Prime Minister 2013)

I have been dipping in and out of your book, some very powerful stuff. I hope it sells well and proves an important resource for others.I wish you all the best for the future and will review it soon on amazon. Very courageous and an inspiration to others well done


Cllr Mark Baxter (Mayor of Craigavon, N. Ireland 2013)


Congratulations on such a fantastic achievement .... You are clearly very brave and hopefully you will inspire others to share their stories. I truly believe that by being more open we can diminish the stigma around mental health issues and your kind words about my contribution are much appreciated.


(Dr Sarah Wollaston MP)


It is very corageous of you to write a book about your experiences

and I have no doubt it will indeed help others.

(Charles Waler MP)

Flowery verse, sobering realities, hand drawn illustrations, and a complete one-to-one with a lifelong sufferer of bipolar..... It’s a body of work which deserves great recognition.


(Samuel James White - Leeds - UK)


It actually made me cry in parts!
My mum and sister have bipolar so reading what you have put has really put me in their shoes, instead of thinking of it from my perspective.....

there will be alot of people thanking you for this, be ready for it!


(Debbie Williamson UK)

A totally refreshing approach to mental health education - after all these years, I am seeing things from a fresh perspective.  Thank you for sharing.


(Mel. Randall - US)

Just love the way this book is broken down - hundreds of little snapshots - held together by a thread of hope.  It is so easy to read as I can dip in and out whenever I want.


(G. Lyttle - N.Ireland)

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